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Why should you choose me as your Scuba instructor??

Your choices for a Scuba Instructor are limitless. There are thousands of us out there wanting your business, so how do you choose the instructor that's best for you? The number of students an instructor certifies each year may not necessarily be your best choice for an instructor!

  • Start by contacting PADI. They can tell you whether the instructor you're looking at is qualified to teach a particular course, their teaching status or has any Quality Assurance reports filed against them.
  • Talk to some of their prior students - Did the instructor teach them all the skills for the particular course and ensure they understood all the material, or, did the student basically "buy" their certification.
  • Is the instructor enthusiastic about the sport? Are they anxious to share their knowledge and experiences with you?
  • Does the instructor look and act in a professional manner? Does the instructor criticize other students or instructors?
  • And finally, would a prior student recommend this instructor to a member of their family?

Having said all that, let me give you a little background on myself:

  • Retired US Air Force - I spent over 22 years in the military, so I not only understand the value of quality training, but I also understand that you need to know why a particular task is important. During that time I trained airman and officers in a variety of disciplines, including Quality Assurance procedures, Missile Safety procedures and basic military protocol. No, I wasn't a drill instructor. Like I said, I understand the value of quality training.
  • United States Soccer Federation Referee and Referee Instructor - I trained and qualified over 100 Soccer referees. Although not as intense as certifying Scuba students, making sure referee trainees understood the laws (soccer rules are called laws), why they were important to the game and how to enforce them is just as important to players as Scuba diving is to divers.
  • Being a Scuba instructor is not my full-time job, so how does this effect you?? I don't depend on your hard earned money to support me, so I feel like I can give you the extra time to make sure you understand the material and to make sure you have mastered the skills. Please don't misunderstand what I've just said. There are many great instructors that are full-time instructors, but there are also many full-time instructors that just want to rush you through a Scuba class. Scuba diving is a great sport, but like any other sport or activity, it comes with it's own inherent risks. My job, like any good instructor, is to teach you the skills to either minimize or eliminate those risks.

So if I'm your choice for an instructor, either call or email me and we'll get started today.



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